Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Fantastic Summer Sweet!

I know summer is fading fast but I just found this recipe and wanted to share it with all my blogging friends! It's sooo delicious, yum, or as Rachel Ray would say....YUMO! Wish I had a beautiful picture for you....I should have asked my friend Kathi, doesn't she find the most gorgeous pictures!

1 pt. fresh strawberries
4 Kiwi's
1 mango
1 apple
2 nectarines

Cut up all the fruit and then put in your food processor with sugar to taste. (you'll have to just add to your taste) PULSATE only till chopped into tiny pieces.

Dip with "cinnamento" chips! When I recieved this recipe the only place I could find these chips were at Meijer Grocery Stores, but I'm sure they're out in other brands by now!

This is sooo delicious, it's a must try :) Have a sunny Sunday!

Sharon of ShardonExclusives, if you could email me your address I would love to get your necklace to you ASAP! Same with "Sandi" who picked the name "chloe" for my dress form!


  1. Candice, my goodness but I am so excited to receive your lovely work!! Thank you so much, I will cherish it...

  2. Summer is coming for us so I'll be putting this recipe in the *To Try* file. It surely tastes delicious.