Tuesday, August 11, 2009

House of Gems Contest!

Fellow Artists:

Looking for a Few Good Featured Artists:

Do you do a happy dance when you come across a gemstone you don't already own?

Do you find that every conversation you have comes back to your latest jewelry project?

Do you love to help other people on their projects by giving tips or showing them step-by-step how to do things?

If you answered to yes to any of these questions, we may have the perfect opportunity for you. If you answered yes to all three, then consider this destiny.

House of Gems is looking for Featured Artists to spotlight and promote on our website. In addition to the opportunity to present yourself as an artist, you will also generate traffic to your personal blog, Etsy store or social media profile. Artists may also be given opportunities to test new products, receive additional discounts and be the first to be informed of new releases.

Fill out entry for here at the
"house of gems"
Grand Prize (1):
$1000 Shopping Spree on HouseofGems.com
Runners Up (1):
$500 Shopping Spree on HouseofGems.com
Consolation Prize (5)
$100 Shopping Spree on HouseofGems.com

Contest runs July 18th, 2009 thru August 15th, 2009


  1. Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun and first prize wow wee ! Going to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing the site..Kathi

  2. I have told you that I am computer impaired & could not get the sight to work. I will try later because we are having a huge storm over head and I guess I need to power down...tks for the info.

  3. I went to the spread sheet and nothing happens but to bring me right back here???
    I have one more question to add to your list...
    Do you have DREAMS about beads? lol

  4. Yes Sharon....I do dream about beads and designs, but i bet you do too, lol! Seems like every night I get in bed I start thinkin "know what will I design tomorrow"!

  5. Sharon...try clicking on the pink flowers at the top of my side bar!

  6. OKAY! Link is fixed, so hurry on over to The House of Gems, there's still time!!!


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