Friday, November 27, 2009

MIA Again ;(

Okay, so I've been missing in action again. No excuses, just can't keep up with it all. I'm so sad to see I've lost quite a few follows but I know I deserve it. I keep trying and saying I'm going to make it in BlogLand, I really love it :) I really don't know how so many of you manage blogging every day and I'm sure most of you have so much more on your plate.

I love post pictures and sharing, I love reading the comments, I love reading other blogs.....I just don't know what to say except I'm sorry. Sometimes I be at someones blog really enjoying it, leave and think, oh my goodness, you forgot to leave a comment. I really want to be here. I wish there was more time in the day.

I was planning on having a wonderful giveaway for Christmas and again time is getting away from me. I use to be a real organized person, but not anymore, and it's something I fight with on a daily basis.

Would love to have some of you share any tips you might have for me to be a better blogger.

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow.....hope eveyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
xo candice


  1. You have been missed but you shouldn't feel guilty or beat yourself up. I love seeing when you post and am glad you are back. I think we put toooo much pressure on ourselves and take the fun out of blogging. We are here for you when you can post but otherwise know you are sincerely thought about.

  2. I like Sharon... enjoy your posts when you post them.... Not everyone has the enjoyment of having free time... When I was in the Floral Industry I could have never been a blogger. Just relax and enjoy when you can..... Blessings......

  3. Come and visit when you feel free too. We all have busy times. It is all about fun not obligation. This time in blogland should be relaxing. I could come and look at your header for along time and say one more time how lovely it is...we are here! Hugs, Mary

  4. I can't thatnk you all for your sweet comments♥
    It really helps when others understand. I will try harder because I do love it, it's such a special community here. The biggest problem is I have been working so hard on my Etsy shop for the past 9 months it's like I'm ignoring everything else in my life. I would really love to be doing other things along with my jewelry, but just not enough time in the day.

    Do you all stay up all night? lol.

    Thank you for being there and listening....xo candice