Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hi everyone! Yesterday I had my 4 yr. old grandson Caleb and we baked cupcakes! He tried frosting them but to my surprise didn't like it! So he just did the decorating but wow, did I have to watch that! I think the whole container would have been on the 1st cupcake, lol!

We have him every Tuesday and he's such a joy! Thought I'd show ya a couple of pics!
I love Wednesday's, it's $1.00 taco night at "Fairways" and we go every Wednesday night, yum!!! Have a wonderful week! candice♥


  1. Hi Candice! Can you send some of those cupcakes my way, because this is the 2nd blog I've been on that happens to be showing cupcakes, and this sweet addict is having a major craving :) Glad you have so much fun with that cutie grandson of yours!

    :) T

  2. Thanks for sharing these delightful pictures! What fond memories Caleb will have!

  3. Tracey dear, I would if I could, lol!

    Yes, we did have fun, it's all about memories for him♥

  4. He is adorable, what fun he must be. My Summit love to help in the kitchen too. Have a couple left??? Happy baking and loving that little guy. Hugs, Mary

  5. Those look yummy !!! Your grandson will remember making those ! My youngest son is a Caleb too !!
    The Little Things

  6. I am planning to do some really fancy cup-cakes for Christmas eve...Maybe I could get your adorable helper?....TEE HEE
    Hugs, Mary

  7. Thats such a Fun age. It looks like he is having a wonderful time!
    You jewelry is Beautiful by the way.
    I just stopped by to Thank you for entering my giveaway and wish you best of luck!

  8. those cupcakes look delish!!!! love your stuff, girl!
    Going to add you over at FB.
    (aka miya6 on flickr)

  9. Here it is February and no you!!! I hope you are having to much fun for your blog...I wanted you to know that I keep checking to see if you are here. Hugs, Mary