Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beautiful Collage of Colors

Sweet Alyson of "keen to be seen" convoed me through etsy and let me know she used my lilac earrings in her collage! So naturally I went right over to her blog and low and behold was the most beautiful collage she had put together with "lilac, bronze and dark chocolate. Here's the collage but there more to see so I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself and check out the rest of the post!

Just a little FYI, our giveaway has been moved to next week, but I think you'll find the wait is worth it!

Thank you friends


  1. That Is gorgeous ! Have a great day..Kathi

  2. Lovely! I am always amazed at the beautiful color I find blogging. Very nice.
    Hugs, Mary
    And look what she had to work with!

  3. Beautiful! Congratulations and WELL DONE! That is one color combination I wouldn't have thought of...but it's just beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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