Thursday, July 16, 2009

Found, Lost, then Found Again

Hi everyone! I've missed blogging but I'm back with what I think is a funny story with a sweet ending!

I made this charm necklace the other day and needed to take pictures to list it on Etsy! So I gathered the necklace which is a "beach theme" piece so I thought I'd grab a couple of my very favorite shells I found when we were in Siesta Key Beach in March. I have a stand (from Ikea) about waist high with a really neat 3 step display I use for taking my pics of jewelry on. So I head outside with necklace, camera, stand, display and shells which MOST people would have used 2 trips to do but no, I've got to try and carry it all in one trip! Well, BIG mistake! I got out the door and when I put the stand down the littlest shell you see in the picture fell to the deck and wouldn't you know....right between the boards under the deck! Oh I wanted to cry! My little 4 yr. old grandson was there, "grammie, whats the matter?" He's trying to look below between the boards to find it, hubby comes out and says it's gone for good! Saw the look on my face and said, "what do you think I'm going to do, tear up the deck to get that shell? I said, Please do!

I know, this is a long story....but he went to the garage, came out with one of those old folding wooden measuring thingys with duck tape stuck on the end. Stuck it down between the boards and came up with my precious shell!!! Yippee!

I'm telling you this is the most cutest, tiny and perfect shell I've ever found. So this is my "found, Lost, then Found again story! Hope you enjoyed it!

Now, if you've made it through this long post, you deserve to know that I'm having a Wonderful giveaway! It's a really special giveaway! My good friend Kathi from
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Have an awesome and sunny weekend! xo candice


  1. That is so funny because I did the same thing while I was at the beach only with the house key! Under the deck! Yep, there they were & I HAD to pee now! There was a tiny crack between the house and the deck, there they were shining up at me. I found an old mop pole & prayed...up they came, just like I planned. Boy was I ever a happy beached lady...tks for sharing..Sharon

  2. What a wonderful story..I love happy endings.
    The neckless is lovely. I bet you sell it really fast. It is very hot here, we are relaxing under the air conditioning till this evening. You make the most beautil jewery...when Arney is settled and back to work, I plan to buy some. Big Hugs, Mary

  3. Very pretty necklace. Everything turned out ok!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story, is very nice. And the shell is really cute, the picture came out great! Doris :)

  5. Hi Candy
    I just got my laptop back & am catching up on things. The necklace is beautiful. I'm glad you got your shell back. Such a great story :)

  6. Now that's a great story! Hubby must love you lots!