Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grandaughter and Vintage

Does this book look familiar to anyone? I bought this when my 1st grandchild
(grandaughter) was born and read it to her all the time, we both loved "Old Bear"! I just found it in the little girls room upstairs and it sure brings back a lot of memories as this grandaughter is now 18 and graduated this yr. It has a "little bear" with it but have not found it yet, but I will. So this book has 2 more years to go and it's VINTAGE! And don't we just love vintage.

I wanted to share some of the pictures with you as this book means a lot to me.

Just to let you know we're leaving for vacation in the morning and hubby's bringing his laptop so I'm hoping to have time to check in from time to time.

Because I've put my giveaway on hold for another week I'm going to sweeten the package!
candice xo


  1. Have a wonderful relaxing vacation!!! Yes, I love anything vintage, that is why I come back here each time...blessings, stay safe,

  2. enjoy your vacation! No, I don't remember this book, but it looks wonderful. I love the "dreaming" part. And now I'm wondering what happens.

  3. Relax, enjoy your vacation. Hugs, Mary

  4. What a lovely, lovely book! And a precious keepsake. I hope that you have a wonderful vacation, enjoy yourself, and relax. I will see you when you return!

  5. Old Bear stories are the best! My favourite is Jolly Tall.