Sunday, April 5, 2009

Designed For Your Special Day!

Okay, so I've been fooling around in Picnik again when I really need to be at the design table! I have 2 new designs to submit for Somerset magazines, due on April 15th, 4 photos of new designs due soon for a juried show and all my shows will be starting soon so that means making lot's of jewelry! I couldn't help it...I have a new section in my Etsy shop "wedding designs" and I just thought how fun it would be to make another collage. Sure wish I had the premium feature on Picnik, how much more fun would that be!!!

Hope you enjoy and just remember, this is only my second or third collage :)

Hope your having one beautiful Sunday.....candice

The more I looked at this picture the more I did not like here's a brand new one that I think is much better. I would have deleted the picture and put this new one in if I knew how, lol! So now you can see one bad collage and one pretty good one!
The first collage is the new one!


  1. Picnik is one of my favorites! I love the black background!
    Oh, and the cute little pug that is so diligently cleaning my her too!

  2. OMyGoodness!!! Your wedding designs are just GORGEOUS!!! I might just have to purchase a few things for Emily for their wedding in October :) I hope all is well with you sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn