Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have so many things lined up I want to blog about but decided today's the day to wish you all a "Happy Easter"!

This is a picture of a couple of sweet bunnies I've had for quite a few years. They are really adorable and I wanted to share them with you!

A picture of some beautiful eggs my Mother in Law made me about 25 years ago. She did so many different crafts it would take me all day to tell you about them! But aren't they beautiful, they just sparkle!
I love this Easter basket! I am so proud to say I made it! I took basket making classes about 25 years ago and this is one of several. I even hand painted the bunnies all the way around on it. My girlfriend also made this basket and had me paint bunnies on hers. Some day I'll show you more of them because I am very proud of each and every one. Also made another basket and pinted cherries around it, so cute. I haven't made one in years so I've probably forgotten everything I learned.
(not happy with this layout but I just can't figure how to do what I want, this is the 4th try)
Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones♥


  1. Hi Candy
    Sorry I've been so MIA. Happy Easter!
    The kids & I spent the week in NY with my sister & her family & we're flying back today.
    Thanks for sharing all your Easter goodies. They are just so beautiful

  2. those are some gorgeous eggs, your mother in law is really talented!