Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was just surfing around Etsy yesterday and oh my gosh....my eyes were probably bulging when I layed eyes on this shop! Take a look at these beauties! Have you ever seen cookies look this awesome! I'm sure glad I don't bake em' cause they'd never make it to my shop for sale, lol! I can't wait to buy some and from some of the comments in Kelli's announcement in her shop sounds like they taste as good as they look! So this is just a sampling of pictures from her assortment of cookies, you need to go check them out, there's cookies for weddings, baby shower, spring, Christmas, birthday or just any time you feel you want something special! I know if I had any of these cookies at one of my functions they'd be talking about it forever and don't we just love and appreciate when our guest remember something special we did! Now hurry, go take a peek and see what I'm talkin' about♥ And if you think these are a little pricey, just remember, this is an art just like making jewelry or any other kind of art we do! I can make jewelry but I'll be darned if I can make and design any cookie to look like these and then taste delicious on top of it! Oh I can't wait to order some, yum!


  1. Adorable ! I'm going over now to take a look at her shop. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day..Kathi