Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a Little Excited Here!

Okay, so about a month ago I recieved a email from a company that puts out vacation guides! They had grabbed one of my pictures I posted on Flickr of our vacation to Florida last month. They said it was being considered for "inclusion" in their guide. Well they needed my permission of coarse and after much reading I agreed. I then recieved an email saying they'd let me know if my picture was chosen! Just got that notification and it made it, yippee!

No, I don't get any money but my name is under the photo. So if you look to the right I've downloaded the widget on my sidebar. You can see my picture (candice clark).

I'm no photographer but I am proud of this as this picture was taken by me from the back seat as hubby was going down the road about 35 mph, lol!

Off to grab the picture to post!


  1. That's so awesome!!!
    I, too, like to take photos while my husband is driving. I call them "drive-by shootings." Sometimes thay are rather good; sometimes they are a blur. (But if we stopped the car for every picture I would like to take, we wouldn't get very far.)
    Schmap is a cool website. What an honor!

  2. Yea, You! How cool is that! You should be very proud. That cant happen too often.

  3.;s a beautiful picture!

  4. Thank you and I am thrilled and proud! Hope I can get a hold of one of those guides!

    Funny Splendid!