Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a Little Excited Here!

Okay, so about a month ago I recieved a email from a company that puts out vacation guides! They had grabbed one of my pictures I posted on Flickr of our vacation to Florida last month. They said it was being considered for "inclusion" in their guide. Well they needed my permission of coarse and after much reading I agreed. I then recieved an email saying they'd let me know if my picture was chosen! Just got that notification and it made it, yippee!

No, I don't get any money but my name is under the photo. So if you look to the right I've downloaded the widget on my sidebar. You can see my picture (candice clark).

I'm no photographer but I am proud of this as this picture was taken by me from the back seat as hubby was going down the road about 35 mph, lol!

Off to grab the picture to post!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was just surfing around Etsy yesterday and oh my eyes were probably bulging when I layed eyes on this shop! Take a look at these beauties! Have you ever seen cookies look this awesome! I'm sure glad I don't bake em' cause they'd never make it to my shop for sale, lol! I can't wait to buy some and from some of the comments in Kelli's announcement in her shop sounds like they taste as good as they look! So this is just a sampling of pictures from her assortment of cookies, you need to go check them out, there's cookies for weddings, baby shower, spring, Christmas, birthday or just any time you feel you want something special! I know if I had any of these cookies at one of my functions they'd be talking about it forever and don't we just love and appreciate when our guest remember something special we did! Now hurry, go take a peek and see what I'm talkin' about♥ And if you think these are a little pricey, just remember, this is an art just like making jewelry or any other kind of art we do! I can make jewelry but I'll be darned if I can make and design any cookie to look like these and then taste delicious on top of it! Oh I can't wait to order some, yum!

I'm Back and Showing My Gift From TinyBear!

Now how cute is this!!! I'm loving it that it came all the way from "Denmark"!!! Thank you so much "tinybear", I love my gifts! And thank you for playing "Pay It Forward"! It's been fun and would do it again given the chance!
Would like to take this opportunity to say I'm sorry I've been absent.....had a former health issue occur and it was pretty scary! I sure hope I didn't lose any of ya cause I really love blogging and my followers! xoxox candice
Tomorrow I'm blogging about a new Etsy shop I found today!!!!!!!!! So stay tuned! Oh and one more thing, working on a giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So sorry for my absence! Hopefully I'll be feeling better and blogging tomorrow friends ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Night Sky

I'm participating in the "Etsy Cottage Style Blog Blue Party" and my blue I'm showing off is the beautiful blue in the skies above!

Just had to share these pictures with you! I'm no photographer but when I looked out and saw the sky I knew I had to take some pictures and share them with my blog friends♥

Looked just like a "water color" sky, all blue and pink just scattered about in the sky! So beautiful, that's when I definately wish I lived in the country. Can you even imagine the picture without all those obstructions. Have a wonderful evening everyone

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yay! Another Treasury!

A huge thank you to Liz of "twolefthands" for including my "caged cotton pearl" in her beautiful treasury! Such a soft collection, front page worthy don't ya think!!! Go take a look!

Please go check her shop out, I bought one of her pillows a few weeks ago and love it, and her "fairies" and other creations are just adorable! Again, thank you Liz and thank a big thank you to Natalie her daughter! (read the first comment under the treasury to find out what her daughter Natalie had to do with it)
Hope all of you had a bright and sunny Easter today!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have so many things lined up I want to blog about but decided today's the day to wish you all a "Happy Easter"!

This is a picture of a couple of sweet bunnies I've had for quite a few years. They are really adorable and I wanted to share them with you!

A picture of some beautiful eggs my Mother in Law made me about 25 years ago. She did so many different crafts it would take me all day to tell you about them! But aren't they beautiful, they just sparkle!
I love this Easter basket! I am so proud to say I made it! I took basket making classes about 25 years ago and this is one of several. I even hand painted the bunnies all the way around on it. My girlfriend also made this basket and had me paint bunnies on hers. Some day I'll show you more of them because I am very proud of each and every one. Also made another basket and pinted cherries around it, so cute. I haven't made one in years so I've probably forgotten everything I learned.
(not happy with this layout but I just can't figure how to do what I want, this is the 4th try)
Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones♥

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yay! I'm in a Treasury!

Thank you to "flutterbudget" for picking one of my necklaces for her sweet treasury! Love that treasury too! I think it should go to the front page quick like, fingers crossed!
Would love it if you'd all check it out and comment while you're at it!
And don't forget to check out "flutterbudget", really cute shop filled with necklaces, hairpins and rings made with adorable buttons! Picture is of just one of her creations♥

YIPPEE! I finally got it!!!!!

Iam soooo excited! I finally found my copy of the new Somerset MARIE! It only took 5 million trips to the book store, grrrrr! Was to hit the news stands on April 1st so I'd say this part of the woods I live in is a little behind! Seriously I've gone everyday and walked away with such disappointment :( They even tried to tell me at Border's it wasn't out yet when many have been posting their (store bought) copies on their blogs! I'm going to be in 2 Fall issues and you better believe I will be ordering those online right from Stampington!!

Sorry, just a little rant going on here! I have them in my hands right now so I'm so happy! Now, if I ever learn how to post on here I'll really be happy! This layout just didn't go as planned, just when I think I know what to do....I don't, lol! In the picture to the left that's me, "sweet romance" on Lollishops!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 6, 2009


You need to follow this link for a chance to win this pair of beautiful earrings! Aren't they gorgeous! I know I would love to win them so go comment for a chance at winning a pair!!!! I did ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Designed For Your Special Day!

Okay, so I've been fooling around in Picnik again when I really need to be at the design table! I have 2 new designs to submit for Somerset magazines, due on April 15th, 4 photos of new designs due soon for a juried show and all my shows will be starting soon so that means making lot's of jewelry! I couldn't help it...I have a new section in my Etsy shop "wedding designs" and I just thought how fun it would be to make another collage. Sure wish I had the premium feature on Picnik, how much more fun would that be!!!

Hope you enjoy and just remember, this is only my second or third collage :)

Hope your having one beautiful Sunday.....candice

The more I looked at this picture the more I did not like here's a brand new one that I think is much better. I would have deleted the picture and put this new one in if I knew how, lol! So now you can see one bad collage and one pretty good one!
The first collage is the new one!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Just listed this "charming" french inspired charm bracelet in brass! This one was fun! Just listed it in my Etsy shop!

Hope you're all having a great day and much sunshine coming your way this weekend! Talk to ya later.....candice♥

Oh, and I almost forgot, my friend Kathi is having a great special going on in her Etsy shop! And did you see her new assistant, Maggie? I'm thinking I need a Maggie too!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Wanted to show you all these delightful solar lights we found at Cosco last weekend. Four came in a box for $27.95, 2 Sun style and 2 Moon style in an antique copper finish. They are awesome and look so pretty at night in our flower bed around the deck. The fun part about them is they actually change colors at night! Red, blue, green, such a spectacular display of color! I wanted to share this with you because I thought the price was great for the enjoyment we are getting from them. We have been leaving our familyroom bay window open at night to enjoy the color show.
I've been working hard in my studio room, so much to do with all the shows I have coming up. Most are juried so besides making that big decision on what to design, there's getting the perfect pictures taken too!
Hope you're all having a sunny day as we are here in our little corner of Ohio!