Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, I'm back from vacationing in Florida and even though it was a beautiful warm, sunny week in Siesta Key it's always good to be back home! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful week of warm and sunny weather, 83 t0 86 all week!
That's me doing what I do best on the beach, hunting down the most beautiful shells and boy did I find a lot.....including that "sea urchin"! There were tons of them every day washed up on the beach, so happy I found one that wasn't alive and could be taken home. I have some really gorgeous shells I will be showing you in the coming days, so stay tuned. Sunset on Siesta Key Beach was just beautiful and we made sure we were back home from dinner to enjoy it every night.
Our first night there we saw something that I never want to see again. I haven't decided if I want or should share with everyone. I will make my decision after I talk with my friend Kathi of "care to bead".
I have so much to do just getting back so stay tuned for more pics! One of the first things on my agenda today is to go buy that sweet caddy that Dawn from "the feathered nest" put on her blog and her new Walmart find, lot's of beads will go in it, I think I need 2! Now you'd think I'd be cleaning, doing lot's of laundry, grocery store and so on.......but I couldn't wait to get home and buy those 2 items because I so need to do more organizing of my studio!
So excited to be back, hope you'll all stay tuned! xo


  1. Welcome home! I LOVE sunsets on the beach--one of my favorite things in life.

  2. I love that sea urchin..I've I love the beach pics.. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation.

    P.s. thanks for lettin me know about the link not working on my page..I thought I had fixed it..


  3. The free beads of the month drawing is for people who win and auction in that given month of that particular drawing.

    I've got some sets that start at 24.99 and some pairs that start at 14.99. Also, I'll be adding more of the smaller sets this week..

    If you want to sign up for my newsletter it will give you more details on the free beads drawing..let me know if you want to be added

  4. Oh my gosh, these pictures are gorgeous, love the sunset and I miss the beach!

  5. Welcome back ! hope you had a great time.
    Missed you...Kathi

  6. Your beach trip is making me want to travel. The beach is always surpriseing every day. Once I found a dead goat,,or part of it,,really gross. I have seen alot of dead things on the beach,,really gross, but the good things,,like the shells, makes up for the other icky things. Now you have me curious.
    I'll be back!