Sunday, March 1, 2009


No, I don't live in Georgia but my son does and here's a couple of pictures he sent me! He lives on a golf coarse so that's why the golf carts. Will post a couple more tomorrow of my little Hailey and Alex playing in the snow. They didn't make it here to Ohio this winter and were really missing the snow. Who would have ever thought they'd have their own to play in.


  1. What a treat! I was in Memphis area this last weekend and it was something this storm. We drove in snow covered hills for hours on our way back east. It looks like they are having fun.

  2. Yea We had snow yesterday in Nashville,TN to. It was not enough to brag about ~ just about 2 inches on our porch but it was sure a surprise to see on Mar.1st ! I heard our weather girl say it but I sure did not believe her! Our puppy was so funny when we put him out in it,just picking up one foot at a time and then running right back in the house! It was pretty to see for the end (I hope) to a long winter!

  3. I can not get enough of the snow, I love it! The more I get, the happier i am!