Sunday, March 22, 2009

Okay, So I'm Obsessed

Another order from dennisanderson came yesterday and even though I am crazy about his "pure romance" soap and have stocked up on it I thought I'd try another....Well now I'm crazy about this one too! So yes, I am now obsessed with 2 soaps! It's called "fresh linen shea butter" soap, yum! The smell is just divine.


  1. There is nothing so luxurious as wonderful soap! By just looking at it and reading your rhapsodic ardencies, I am carried away on a cloud of sweet scent.

  2. I will sure have to try that one too.
    Hope your having a great day..Kathi

  3. Oh Slendid Little Stars....just what had hoped to do! ((hugs)) Seriously I think I have a new addiction,lol!