Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Weekend Show!

Okay, so your thinking, where's the show??? My bad, I didn't take any pictures and I always do! I was so busy (that's a good thing) I forgot to get pictures ;( So I went over there today to take some because I really wanted you all to see how beautiful it is! I have many more pictures so I'll post more tomorrow! This is right in town about 3 minutes from where I live!

Hope you enjoy! xo


  1. Candice I want to come to your sale badly...wish I lived closer. You are so talented - love your jewelry creations!
    P.S. Love your keepin it clean widget. You should have seen my Manchester Terrior watching it...she was so funny, trying to look behind my laptop to see the pug! LOL

  2. What a beautiful place for a show. Your style fits right In. Take care ..Kathi

  3. Perfect setting for a beautiful show. We've been enjoying your blog, although we not only post comments. Thank you for sharing!
    Clara & Marcela

  4. It looks like your blog is back to normal!

  5. Yes Slendid! My good friend "kathi" of The Vintage Bead" figured it out! She saved me!

  6. Love your blog :)
    We have the same name and spelt the same way though I go by Candy. My Motherinlaw always calls me Candice though haha

    Candy :)