Monday, May 11, 2009

Benches in my Town

Okay, so I shouldn't be blogging today as I've been a little down lately except for yesterday was wonderful with my daughter! So hubby and I went downtown so I could get some pictures of all the benches! Well this helped cheer me up! Several months ago they said you could buy a bench and design and paint a theme on it. I thought, hmmm, I'd love to do that! Well, those benches cost $450 each! So I said "okay, we'll pass on that idea", lol!

They made their debut Thursday night in our lovely downtown Sylvania! Now, most are already sold but you can purchase one and the bid starts at $450.

They are all just beautiful and are lining the shops in downtown until May 17th. Some of them were done by children in their art class. There is one that is just unbelieveable, the back of it is like 3 D and completely stole the show! I took several pics of the back and may have forgotton to snap a shot of the front, lol!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as I plan on posting a few more every day. xo


  1. Those are so beautiful, I especially like the first one. What a great idea to dress up your downtown area, looking forward to seeing more of these.
    Thank you for following my blog, I am excited about following your's as well.

  2. The benches are wonderful, I love the paisley one! Jeez Kathi, I hate to think your feeling blue, I hope you perk up! I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day!