Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Random Pictures Today!

So sorry I haven't been posting's that time of year for art shows and so much to do! Will I ever learn how to manage my time more wisely!

So taking some pictures of jewelry this morning I wondered out into the yard, took some pictures and thought I'd share. We have really strange weather today, very humid and warm, sun in, sun out, a little rain but some storms are on the horizon ;(
That's my little Maggie, guess she either wanted to smell some flowers or wanted in the picture!


  1. Those rings you put at the top of your blog are gorgeous.

  2. Those are my new bracelets Melanie! Thank you ;)

  3. ...aawww....little Maggie is cute! I've been observing my neighbors' dogs playing and having a blast. One is a "soccer" player and the other is a "cheerleader" dancing all around. hilarious!
    We've been having the same weather south of you. But the flowers this year are just gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful yard, what a great summer retreat.