Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay, so I made our breakfast this morning and took some pictures of it...but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for the recipes. I'm also making something else today that I usually make with this breakfast recipe and it's something sweet! So be sure and check in tomorrow for these wonderful recipes from "the snowbird inn" bed and breakfast way up in Northern Michigan. We had a wonderful stay there and a fabulous breakfast I just have to share with you!

Here's a few pics I took this morning, hope you enjoy! The hanging basket is my Mother's Day gift from my daughter! It's so beautiful♥
The other pictures is a beautiful wreath I had special made and I love how it turned out. After I paid for it I thought how I could have saved myself some money and made one myself.....but besides being very busy with upcoming shows I am NOT a floral designer! I may have mentioned in another post earlier on I saw this frame idea online (maybe Flickr) and of coarse the wreath gets changed with the seasons.
Hope you're all having a sunny day, it's a little cool here but beautiful!


  1. Love the wreath. So pretty and my favorite flower to boot. It's a little chilly here today too but the sun Is shining bright. Have a good day..Kathi

  2. Both are beautiful!
    What a lovely present from your daughter! Have a happy Sunday and will look forward to your recipes.

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