Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Oh my, it's what I wish for every year! That is that the "sweet woodruff" in my yard wood just flourish and take over the entire yard, lol! Well, it has, and if any of you have any you know that any given year you may have a lot, you may have a ton or it can be scarce. Now in my front yard it's scarce :(

Sweet Woodruff travels around, one year you may have a bunch in one spot and the next it's like "where'd it go"? I've given my neighbor a lot over the years and she's still not use to this come and go attitude it has! In fact if I don't have much you'll find me peeking over her fence to see what she's got, lol!

When it first comes in the spring it has tiny little clusters of flowers like right now and then all summer into fall it's just lush foilage. Oh and I may add it only like shade!

Hope you're all having a bright sunny day and enjoy the pictures I just took!

Candice xo


  1. I love Sweet Woodruff, mine hasn't made an appearance yet!

  2. Those photos are amazing!!! I wish my backyard looked like lovely.

  3. Great photos and we had some sun for the first time in over a week here in Tennessee. Sure felt good not to go out to storms and flooding. Oh your Sweet Woodruff is showing out this year!
    Happy Twirls

  4. Oh I love it! I miss that ground cover!